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Bob Daniels

Learn from the Best
Guitar, Banjo, Mandolin

Milwaukee and Waukesha Metro Areas



"Bob Daniels is absolutely the best banjo player I have ever heard. You can’t have a better teacher."
~ Randy - Milwaukee, Wisconsin


Private music lessons for Guitar, Banjo, and Mandolin

Serving Muskego, Franklin, Oak Creek, Wauwatosa, Greendale, Greefield, Milwaukee and Waukesha metro areas.


People often fear the drudgery of music theory. My job is to cut through all of the "junk" you really don't need to know and get to the meat of the matter – to the things you do need to know to play well.

This is done with the use of interesting, enjoyable arrangements. I truly believe that lessons should be fun.

Many music styles depend on improvisation to bring fresh excitement to a tune. Some people think that with improvisation the musician just plays anything over the melody of the music. This is not true. The melody of the tune is kept mostly intact while the embellishment is always changing.

Bob Daniels Teaching a Lesson

The embellishment uses scales, chords and fill-in licks.

Lessons spend time on:

Often times people will ask me, why a guy who has made his reputation with banjo, teaches guitar also! The answer to that is that I am a "string player". It doesn't matter if the strings are stretched across a guitar, mandolin or a banjo.

In the most rudimentary sense of the concept, as you press down behind the fret and shorten the length of the string you raise the pitch of the frequency. All the instrument (banjo, guitar, mandolin) does is give the pitch a voice.

Because of the unique style of banjo playing, I bring some truly special "twists" to the guitar.


Uncle Bob's Music
103rd and Greenfield Avenue, West Allis
(5 blocks east of Hwy. 100 and Greenfield Avenue)

Hales Corners area.


$25.00 per 1/2 hour


Your first appointment is FREE. Call Bob at: